We don't use digital cookies, only real ones. So come on over and try some.
Some of the more vulnerable apple types have spots.
Tall Grass does not mean we don't have apples, but we do accept volunteers to mow.
Apples can be eaten directly off our trees, without worry or concern for health issues!

Use  "7295 MCCRAY RD  FAIRVIEW PA  16415"  for your GPS, this variation usually works best.  
Press HERE for a Google Map Page.


Borecky Fruit Farm has been your BFF
over most of the last 4 decades and continues to be so


We have new stuff to do,
new stuff to pick,
new stuff to see,
new stuff to eat,
new stuff to drink.
Stuff to win

"Stuff" is a bit vague intentionally:

1) Discover something new
2) Post on Facebook or Twitter or your favorite social media
3) Tag us and copy us
We will randomly select and reward faithful visitors and followers throughout the year

If you can pick it (on or off the trees) these are the {LOWERED} prices:
Weight in Pounds Weight in Pounds Cost per
From To Pound

Borecky Fruit Farm Grows 63 kinds of Apples
Borecky Fruit Farm Apples start in July and Ripen Thru December
Borecky Fruit Farm can pick apples until it snows hard enough to pop the apples off the trees
Borecky Fruit Farm donates apples every year to various food banks
1 Bu of apples is:
42 Pounds or 4 - level 8 Qt Baskets
3-4 Gals of Juice or 12-18 Quarts of Sauce
$12 to $16 per Bu, depending on how much you pick

.......... Outside Games
.......... Parking
.......... Admission
.......... Fire Pits
.......... Slime Pools
.......... Money Pits
.......... Sprout Garden
.......... Sprout View

Crafts may have a charge to cover material costs and use of the glitter chest.

We strongly recommend and encourage you to visit SMore 'n More Bakery and BFF JAVA Coffee Shop for all of your eating and drinking needs. This will help us to keep No Charge elements at NO CHARGE!.


In order to properly press charges for theft
we have to tell you we press charges for stealing,
including picking anything and not paying for it:
$1.00 minimum per single unit if you "forget" to pay until caught
{Which makes a bushel of apples about $100.00 + court costs.}


Stuff to Do (Other than PYO):

BFF JAVA Coffee Shop*:

Lattes and Cappuccinos
Teas & Chais
The Best Espresso East of Seattle

Sprout Garden*:

Tunnels and Castles
Kitchenette, Balls, & Games
Imagination Wide Open

Kids-A-Doodle Crafting*:
Crafting Glitter Chests*:

Farm and Friends
Crafts on Saturdays

Dig into Glitter Chests
for Treasures for Crafting

Imagination & Fun
on Full Overload

Free Games:

Corn Hole and Ladder Toss
Very Large Chess and Checkers
Big Jenga, Yahtzee and Farkle

SMore 'n More Bakery*:

Cookies & Pastries
Pies & Tarts

Sprout Garden View*:

Watch your sprouts Grow
Relax with your favorite Coffee or Juice
Chat with friends or just Breathe Deeply

Carl's Food Toys*:

Bi-Color Bi-Flavor Cotton Candy
Snow Cones
Sweet and/or Savory Pop Corn,
Grilled Dogs, Sausages, Kielbasa
Caramel Apple Cups
Veggie and Fruit Fries
Other Goodies

Fire Pit Forum*:

Gaze at the stars,
Scan the fields for Deer,
Talk with friends
Sing Karaoke (?? Soon)

BFF Slime Pool*:
BFF Money Pit Up and Running - check it out!
Cider Making
Juice & Smoothie Bar

Coming Next Year

* A division of the Borecky Fruit Farm

In order to keep Free Elements Free - No Outside Food or Drink is Permitted
Please visit SMore 'n More Bakery, BFF JAVA Coffee Shop, or one of our "Food Toys:"
Popcorn, Hot Dogger, Apple Plunger, Snow Cones, Cotton Candy and Trak Air Delights

Operating Days and Times - Winter Schedule,
Call if you need anything we can help with:
(814) 474-5628
Day of Week Open Time Closing Time Fire Pit
MONDAY -closed- -closed- A
TUESDAY -closed- -closed- A
WEDNESDAY -closed- -closed- A
THURSDAY -closed- -closed- A
FRIDAY -closed- -closed- A
SATURDAY -closed- -closed- A
SUNDAY -closed- -closed- A

* Will close at 5pm, then Note B, unless it's bad weather.
A - Please Call 24 hours ahead to schedule! Food and Beverages must be pre-ordered.
B - Start at Dusk. Order Food for larger groups or to assure your favorites are available
Borecky Fruit Farm has been here since 1982
Borecky Fruit Farm is branching out (pun) into organic Vegetables, Herbs, Medicinal Herbs and Teas.
Borecky Fruit Farm Booooreckys is planning a come-back.
Borecky Fruit Farm Bakery and Coffee Shop plans on remaining open most of the Year.
Borecky Fruit Farm SMore & More Bakery is developing hot and frozen delicacies once picking is done
Borecky Fruit Farm Bakery and Coffee Shop are going to start making deliveries in the area
Borecky Fruit Farm Games and Fire Pits are available year round, weather permitting.
Borecky Fruit Farm Sponsors a court-side table at the BayHawks Games and gives away tickets to our customers-stop by to fill out an entry, or email us